31 August 2011

The Business Legacy of Steve Jobs

22 August 2011

Outsourcing and Cost Accounting
Why Amazon Can't Make a Kindle in the USA
Does It Really Matter That Amazon Can't Manufacture a Kindle in the USA?
Amazon & Kindle 3: It's Not Just Manufacturing
Why Software Is Eating the World

15 August 2011

Googlers and software engineers trust data mining. Consumers do not want the variability and evolving answers. Data mining is okay for prioritized search results, but not for aesthetic decisions.

02 August 2011

Comparative Religion and Domination

Apple, IBM, Google and Open Source differ in which part of the relationship with the community and with the user / client they dominate. Apple customers are happy to adopt the Apple religion and Apple dominates the relationship. Open Source wants the user to dominate the relationship, except where the contributor dominates the relationship -- muddled.